Saturday, 25 June 2011

What is Google Backlink?

Backlinks are those links found or made on other websites pointing to your website. It is very important for Google that how many people think it worthful by linking your blog on their WebPages. Every site that links to your site and have Page Rank 4 or more, Google counts them your backlinks. Backlinks are like a voting system for Google to rank you site.

A link is a link whether it is from Google, MSN, Yahoo or Alexa. The only difference is that how many each search engine displays them. MSN backlinks are easier to get than Google. Google counts links of your site appeared on other relevant sites and make them  backlinks for you.

Google follows certain rules before including a certain page as your backlink and gives them Google juice in terms of page rank.

1. Only WebPages which have high PR adds value.
A linking page must have a PR4 or higher. Suppose if the sites index pages have PR5 but the page where your link appears has only PR3. then Google won’t count it you a backlink.

2. PPC Ad campaign count your backlink
If you are running PPC ad campaign through Google Adword  or any online ad then always check the PR of the site where you ad appears. Because when Google bot does a monthly crawl it will count those pages your backlinks only when they have PR4 or higher. It is important to note that  Google Adword PPC ads always have advantage over others. As it brings good number of traffic as well as high PR backward links.

3. Your link must be coded in Anchor Text.
A link such as will not count as your backlinks. Instead you will have to code it in the form of  Anchor text  such as “make Money Onlinewhich makes the people to click and will take to your site. Select the best keyword for your Anchor Text highlighting your website to get maximum click.

4. Check the PR of linking WebPages.
 When you link to other people’s pages, always be wary of the PR of those pages. Because links to PR0 pages can hurt the ranking of your site. Often Google penalizes if you have so many PR0 pages backlinks.

5. Check the PR  of sites you advertise on.
When you advertise online, check out the PR of the page where your ad will appear should be a PR4 or higher. If the page your ad will appear on is a PR0 then you will not get a backlinks.


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Google follows certain rules before including a certain page as your backlink and gives them Google juice in terms of page rank.

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